2016-01-21 08.29.37I  am glad you stopped by.  I’m not sure who you are or why you’re here, but hopefully, this little window into me will give you some peace, a few smiles, and an understanding of the depth to which a person can expose themselves to the anonymous world of the internet and the reality of things…

Hundreds of years ago, when the ability to create something that was permanent or something which at least outlived our mortal bodies was of huge concern to men and women around the world.  This pursuit to create a legacy sent people to war, authored stories, poetry, music, and fueled the exploration of new lands.  In stark contrast, however, today we have the ability to literally make everything permanent with the internet of everything.  With the click-clack of a few keys on your device of choice and hitting the “Publish” button, you are permanently on the grid without ever having left your couch.  So while there is no shortage of content and no shortage of permanency, there is an extreme shortage of non-editable, genuine authenticity of reflective self.

That is what this is meant to be.  A catalogue of authentic content for myself, Amanda, my children, their children, and beyond.  Also, it’s for you READER.  If you choose to dive in and consume this content, I welcome the intrusion and exploration, however, I will ask that you heed this warning.  This content is not yours to judge.  You don’t own the literary licence of criticism to my soul because you did not create me; God did.  It is, however, available under an open source license to enjoy.

So… get another cup of coffee, grab some water, your reading glasses and enjoy… but be careful.  You don’t know what you’ll find in here.